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  • Our Story

In the beginning…Last December, we facilitated a beer exchange based on the traditional Advent Calendar experience—a day by day reveal of a small treat accompanied by some type of daily inspiration. In planning the approach, we looked for products available "off the shelf" that would streamline the process while preserving a customized feel to the experience.

Finding no such products, we (assisted by our wives and other friends) painstakingly cut ribbon, printed daily messages and day markers, unpacked cases of beer, wrapped the empty cases, refilled each case with 24 different sequenced beers, tied messages on each beer, applied glue dots to all lids, and numbered each "mixed" case of bottles 1–24 with cardstock squares that (along with the wrapped boxes) hid the identify of each beer until the recipient pulled it from the box each day. To complete the craft beer Advent-ure, we set up a Wordpress site to create opportunity for education, discussion, and sense of community around the experience. 
The result…These boxes were the highlight of the holiday season for those who participated.  They took people on a craft beer journey full of anticipation, surprise, and exploration. At least half of the group tried styles of beer new to them—expanding their craft beer knowledge and stretching their palates.
Following this experience, we began to think through ways to create packaging and a web experience that would allow other craft beer lovers to replicate this project and other beer exchanges in a more convenient way.
And thus was bornThe Case for Beer and The Craft Beer Flight Kit. Developed through countless conversations with experts in production, design, and, beer, the Craft Beer Flight Kit provides the tools for people to experience craft beer in new ways while building community with other imbibers. It combines a custom-created 12-pack box and interactive web platform.  
  • The Craft Beer Flight Kit is available in two ways:
Through partnerships with bottle shops, owners have the opportunity to curate a unique kit for their customers. All kits sold in a particular bottle shop at a particular time will contain the same mix and an access code to an exclusive page on our website.  Recipients can visit the page to learn about each beer, why the curators chose certain beers, rate each beer and the flight kit as an overall experience.
Charter your own private flight through directly purchasing kits from our website. Order a set of 12 and self-curate your own kit and create an experience for you and your friends.  With this purchase, you will also gain access to the online tools available for your group to have ongoing interaction around the beers you have selected.
We hope you will join us on our journey of experiencing new and familiar beers in fresh and innovative ways.
Ryan Sauder & Steve Denlinger